"Whoever prays the morning prayer (fajr), is under the protection of Allah, do not neglect the rights of Allah, because anyone who acts in this way will be grasped by Allah and cast into the Fire of Hell"
09 Dec, 2019
I see many successful professionals, students and youth who are reading self-help books or looking to the daily life of Fortune 500 CEO’s to understand productivity. This is great, but why not also look at one of the most influential and revered leaders in history?
14 Nov, 2019
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an extraordinary husband, an ideal father, and a unique grandfather. He was unique in every way.
10 Nov, 2019
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Каждая из жен Пророка играла важную роль в распространении ислама, и их поведение в различных ситуациях учит нас многим урокам, применимым сегодня.
04 Nov, 2019
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Some of the greatest and most convincing testimonies to the prophethood of Muhammadﷺ are the multiple occasions on which he correctly predicted future events. Only one to whom God had granted access to the realm of the unseen could have, time and again, accurately foretold the future.
24 Jul, 2019
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Хотя Пророк Мухаммад (мир ему и благословение) очень любил свою дочь, он старался не избаловать ее. А она, в свою очередь, была избавлена от чувства превосходства.