15 Mar, 2022
What few people in Europe are aware of is a tradition-rich Muslim community that has been part of the Ukrainian society since centuries. It too is affected by Russian aggression.
18 Sep, 2019
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Could the meaning of “daraba” be to launch a missile strike on the wife? A severe blow? A beating?
09 Sep, 2019
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All that happens in the world of matter is only displacement, exchange, and transformation — but not creation or destruction.
20 Aug, 2019
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There is a lot in the Quran and hadith collections that command Muslims to be compassionate and kind to all of God’s creation.
11 Jan, 2018
  Michael Arnold Questions revolving around the nature of religious authority emerged early on in Islamic history and formed one of the central components of early Islamic theological discourse. In the centuries that followed, extensive and sophisticated systems of knowledge transmission and…