07 Mar, 2020
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On March 5th 2020, tawwaf (circumambulation) in the immediate vicinity of the Ka’ba was temporarily halted by the authorities. A decision was taken to sterilise the area, due to fears over Coronavirus.
08 Feb, 2020
Пламя, скрытое в нигерийской саванне, изобилующей тропическими лесами, масличными пальмами и плодородием, зажгло воодушевляющее расширение прав и возможностей женщин, лидерство и компетентность.
29 Jan, 2020
In Muslim history there are some extraordinary stories of how people have embraced Islam over the years.
07 Jan, 2020
In early 12th-century Muslim Spain, a gifted philosopher, mathematician, poet, and medical doctor was born. Ibn Tufayl became known in the West as Abubacer.
01 Jan, 2020
It comes as a surprise to many who are not Muslim that Mary (Maryam in Arabic), the mother of Jesus, has a very special place in Islam.
28 Aug, 2019
Much of what we read about the hijra is of the male companions. These valiant men earned their place in history and in our hearts. But there were many brave and righteous female companions who faced unimaginable obstacles to make it from Mecca to Medina to keep the faith alive.
22 Aug, 2019
On March 24, 1005, a man reputed for madness came to his senses long enough to establish one of the most progressive and influential academic institutions of the Middle Ages.