Admiration and aversion, charm and misunderstanding, location and tearing away and many, many other things - so many conflicting views, probably, are not caused by any clothes, except for the Muslim hijab. In non-Muslim and even some Muslim countries, women have to literally fight for the right to dress according to the prescriptions of their religion and to be a full-fledged member of society, bewildered by the Islamophobic manipulations of right-wing politicians and biased media.

It's time to clarify why women in Islam look that way?

27 November 2019
Kyiv. — On 19 November, a new Decree of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, allowing ID photos with headwear due to religious beliefs and medical reasons finally came in effect. It means that the…
02 February 2019
«My faith has given me the right to choose 1400 years before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights told me I could». Muslim teacher delivers a powerful response to the attempts to ban young…