24 July 2020
Hajj Facts – 1
27 March 2020
  Sheikh Ahmad Kutty The world today faces a nearly unprecedented situation, with widespread fear in the face of the novel coronavirus which first appeared in China and has since spread to other…
04 February 2020
The Angel Gabriel is considered the most important of all the angels in Islam. In the Quran, the angel is called Jibreel or the Holy Spirit. The Angel Jibreel’s main responsibility is to communicate…
29 January 2020
  Idris Tawfiq In Muslim history there are some extraordinary stories of how people have embraced Islam over the years. Learning about how others came to Islam allows us to pause and reflect on our…
20 December 2019
  Yevhen Hlushchenko One can hardly find some place on Earth without at least several Muslims living there, for this religious community is growing faster that anyone could dream of just several…
09 December 2019
The Supreme Court in the USA displays a rendition of Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings upon him) holding a Quran. While we do not create statues and artistic renditions of prophets, this act…
14 November 2019
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was an extraordinary husband, an ideal father, and a unique grandfather. He was unique in every way. He treated his children and grandchildren with great…