24 Mar, 2020
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There’s a lot of solid secular research on the effects of spirituality and practicing religion on mental health. As Islam is the true religion, it has the most positive effect on mental health.
14 Mar, 2020
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Strive for what benefits you and rely on God, and do not give up.  If something befalls you, do not say: ‘If I had only done such and such.’ Instead say: ‘It is as God decreed and He does what He pleases’.
03 Feb, 2020
When I was growing up, the world was a perfect place. The only problem was, that it wasn’t.
29 Jan, 2020
Life is even more beautiful when it is shared with those that we love.
09 Dec, 2019
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I see many successful professionals, students and youth who are reading self-help books or looking to the daily life of Fortune 500 CEO’s to understand productivity. This is great, but why not also look at one of the most influential and revered leaders in history?
25 Nov, 2019
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Тем, кто живет на Западе, бывает трудно обсуждать тему къадар (Божественного предопределения).
11 Nov, 2019
If you were to boil productivity science down to one line, it’s “managing one’s energy, focus, and time for beneficial goals.” It looks simple, but it’s actually difficult and stressful.