"Whoever prays the morning prayer (fajr), is under the protection of Allah, do not neglect the rights of Allah, because anyone who acts in this way will be grasped by Allah and cast into the Fire of Hell"
27 Mar, 2020
The world today faces a nearly unprecedented situation, with widespread fear in the face of the novel coronavirus which first appeared in China and has since spread to other countries.
09 Mar, 2020
All of us know the uncomfortable stares. The looks that seem to pity us. People who click their tongue seeing us. The whispers. The outspoken words…
05 Mar, 2020
What do we mean by “different kinds of intimacy”?
05 Mar, 2020
There are many priceless gems of knowledge in the Qur’an and Hadith from which man can benefit immensely.
08 Feb, 2020
Unfortunately Islamophobia is only increasing in some areas, however your fears needn’t keep you from exploring Allah’s vast creation as a traveler.
06 Feb, 2020
Если бы кто-то попросил меня перечислить основные сценарии конфликта, возникающего между родителями и их молодыми сыновьями и дочерями в связи со вступлением в брак последних, я бы разбила их на три категории.
20 Jan, 2020
This article presents the current relationship between a father and a child in this fast paced and time constraint society and provides many practical advises on how to improve this relationship to benefit the whole family.