"Whoever prays the morning prayer (fajr), is under the protection of Allah, do not neglect the rights of Allah, because anyone who acts in this way will be grasped by Allah and cast into the Fire of Hell"
07 Feb, 2020
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One of the major reasons why people have misconceptions about Islam is the fact that people don’t know about it. This lack of knowledge is partly because of the shallow propaganda against Islam that keeps the people from seeking knowledge about Islam and partly because of Muslims working very…
04 Feb, 2020
The Angel Gabriel is considered the most important of all the angels in Islam.
10 Jan, 2020
Today, many people are wary of any religion; they perceive religion as means of imitations, sets of red lines and dogmas, reducing all the fundamental essence of those social institutions to methods of restriction and suppression.
09 Dec, 2019
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I see many successful professionals, students and youth who are reading self-help books or looking to the daily life of Fortune 500 CEO’s to understand productivity. This is great, but why not also look at one of the most influential and revered leaders in history?
07 Dec, 2019
By Said Ismagilov In late XIX — early XX century, globalization processes forced Muslims to face the phenomenon of secularity that originated and matured in West-European cultural and civilizational area.
23 Nov, 2019
It’s indisputable that everyone has his/her own path to faith.
14 Nov, 2019
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Islam defines a miracle as an extraordinary act or event that is contrary to the laws of nature and can only come about through the direct intervention of God Almighty Himself.